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Amelia | yellow quartz

Amelia | yellow quartz


✧ size:  5x1.5cm
✧ materials: genuine semi-precious stones, stainless steel

✧ hypoallergenic hook

✧ handmade in Montreal


Need a tool to purify and charge your new precious?

CLICK HERE to consult the section "Incense & purification"


Choose the option to have the Reiki symbols energetically inserted into your stone at no additional cost! 

✧ To read more about Reiki symbols isHERE

✧ To read about the virtues of stones it isHERE


I take great care of my crystals as they all hold energy, albeit inanimate. When finalized, all of my jewelry is purified and charged with Palo santo and a selenite slab! 

  • Care and Use Guide

    N.B. It is completely normal for copper, brass and zinc to change color naturally over time and lose their luster. Same thing for gold or rose gold plated stainless steel, avoid putting them under water, exposing them to body cream/oil or perfume so that they stay beautiful longer!

    See an explanatory video on a method of cleaning copper and brass justHERE

    Also, as the stones work energetically on your vibrational field, it is important to cleanse and charge your jewel so that its therapeutic properties are optimized. 

    How to do? 

    Just light a branch of Palo Santo or white sage and pass it several times over the smoke. Visualize it transporting negative energies out of the jewel and filling it with positive and benevolent energies.

    Once charged, just before wearing it, hold the jewel in your hands for a few seconds and visualize its energy synchronizing with yours. Thereafter, program it by reciting this formula:

    "I ask this jewel to assist me throughout the day in (desired property according to its file) for my well-being and that of all, so be it."

    The more you do it, the more it will help you in this direction!

    *Please note that crystals are intended to aid in your healing and are not intended to cure or treat any condition or are intended to replace any treatment plan set out by your doctor.

 Flash sale de cristaux à prix réduits ce jeudi 18 avril à 19h et j'ai pleins de nouveautés pour toi ! 

Crystal flash sale this upcoming Thursday april 18 at 7PM and I have so many new precious stone for you !

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