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Mandala - Psychic Illumination

Mandala - Psychic Illumination

C$170.00 Regular Price
C$127.50Sale Price

Stone mandala on wooden flower of life with sun catchers.

The Flower of Life,   this powerful symbol of sacred geometry is found in many cultures, religions. It is in its childlike beauty and perfection the emblem of the process of perpetual renewal of life and thus contributes to the constant re-harmonization of the structures of water. It is the universal symbol of protection, harmony, creativity, fertility, grounding and abundance.

The middle labradorite rose contains the sacred energy of the Rose. This flower is a channel, a receptacle of universal feminine energy, represented by Mary, Mary Magdalene, the virgin of Guadalupe, Kuan Yin, Isis, but also Mother Earth or Pachamama according to traditions. The rose is a great teacher, a healer, she participates in the blossoming of being, in the opening of a larger, more unified vision of ourselves. Roses possess a sacred geometry and their high energetic vibration is similar to that of a human being in perfect harmony.

⚭ dimensions: 18 cm by 10 cm

⚭ handmade in Montreal

⚭ materials: wood, K9 crystal, lapis lazuli, labradorite, agate, white jade.

Choose the option of having the Reiki symbols energetically inserted into the creation at no additional cost! To read more about the virtues of crystals and Reiki symbols, it's right here:

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