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The pendulum

The pendulum is an instrument which makes it possible to connect the normal state of consciousness to the depths of the unconscious, to build a bridge between the logical mind and the movements of the irrational. It has no life of its own, it is only the extension of the intuition of the person who uses it. By capturing and interpreting his movements, the user enters into communication with his inner self, which then delivers the answers to his questions. The pendulum is therefore only a revealer, a facilitator, a transmitter of messages. The answers he gives are already present in the person's unconscious, without the latter being able to access them when he trusts only his logic and his only reasoning.


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✧ Firstly ✧

It is important to form a body with your pendulum as in the case of a crystal ball.To do this, wear it on you for several days so that your vibratory rate and his are calibrated together. They will be more inclined to quickly give you the answers you need.


✧ How to use it ✧

Begin by clearing your mind mentally, center yourself and connect with the energy of the earth and the sky. Take a few minutes to do some conscious breathing sequences. When you feel that your mind is stable, it is time to use your pendulum. Place the head between the thumb and forefinger of your hand or directly in the palm of your hand, and let the tip hang in the air or over the palm of your other hand. Watch him move slowly for a few seconds to establish a connection between you and him while maintaining your mental calm (if thoughts arise, bring your attention back to your breathing and your focus on the tip of the pendulum), ask him to first to give you his 'yes' and his 'no' and be careful to observe the movement associated with each of his answers. Once you know its different manifestations, focus on what you want to know or what you are looking for. In the event that it is an object that you wish to find, it would be useful to provide you with a map so that the pendulum can better orient you. Example: you want to know the location of a lost object or the energy blockages in your home, draw a map of it and use the tip of the pendulum to guide you to specific places on the map by asking your questions and observing his answers. If, on the other hand, it is only a personal or spiritual question (which relates to your self or your future), please formulate it in such a way that there is only one answer to give. (a yes or a no). In the event that the pendulum swings forward and backward, rephrasing your question is necessary. It is useful to remember that this exercise requires both concentration and a highly developed intuitive mind. But fear not, the more you use it, the more your intuition will develop and the faster and more precise its answers will be!

✧ How to use the pendulum board ✧

Take a moment to clear the air and ground yourself in the present moment. Let your pendulum hang over the middle of the board for a moment so that it calibrates to the energy of the board and yours. Then, following the usual pendulum questioning method, ask your questions and observe which answer the pendulum moves / sway towards. There you go, as simple as that!

Have a good session!

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