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"Lithotherapy is based on the idea that stones and minerals have therapeutic virtues. According to its principle, they emit vibrations and have a resonance capable of acting on the body to improve the well-being of the person to his contact, or at least close. "


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✧ Warning ✧

Please note that the crystals and esoteric tools on my site serve as an aid in your evolution and are not used for the purpose of curing or curing any ailment, or designed to replace a treatment plan set by your doctor.

The Blue Hand disclaims all responsibilities and cannot guarantee any results.

Purification, charging and programing your crystals

As the stones work energetically on your vibratory field and that of the environment, it is important to clean and charge your item so that its therapeutic properties are optimized. As the stones work energetically on your vibratory field and that of the environment, it is important to clean and charge your item so that its therapeutic properties are optimized.

There are several ways to purify and charge your crystals, each in its preferred and optimal method, you can read more about their specific ways in the guide below. Some crystals prefer water or salt, others the Sun or the Moon, etc.

Here is a method that works well for all of them: simply light a branch of Palo Santo or white sage and then pass the item or stone several times over the smoke. Visualize the smoke transporting negative energy accumulated out of the article/stone and subsequently filling it with positive and benevolent energy, or you can place it on a Selenite plate for a few hours. Once charged, hold it in your hands for a few seconds and visualize its energy synchronizing with yours. Then program it by reciting this formula:

"I ask these stones to assist me throughout the day in (desired property according to its personal virtues) for my well-being and that of all, so be it."

The more you do it, the more it will help you in that direction!

✧ Practical guide to the most common stones from A to Z ✧

Abalone (seashell)

Rebalances the body and the mind. This shell fits particularly well with the flow of emotions, intuition and the moon. Protective stone, it helps in case of hard blow, it accompanies the harmonization of your feminine thanks to its nature is Yin. Abalone promotes knowledge of our inner nature by bringing us more in tune with who we are and what we want. Mainly activates the Sacred chakra in the lower abdomen, this energy center is the seat of creation, fertility and therefore reproduction.

Keywords: balance, fluidity, femininity

Chakras: sacred

Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun.

Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.


An anchor stone, agates bring emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They promote the centering and stabilization of physical energy. Agate has the power to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. A calming stone, agate acts slowly, but confers great strength.

Keywords: softness, balance, anchoring
Chakras: depending on the colors
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: all signs, depending on the colors

Agate lace

Blue lace agate is an extremely healing stone. Its moderate energy bringing peace to the mind is calming. Particularly effective in activating the throat chakra, allowing the free expression of thoughts and feelings. Paves the way for experiencing higher energies, this is one of the most positive stones. Neutralizes anger, infections, inflammation and fever.

Keywords: communication, gentleness, positivism
Chakras: throat
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, moon.
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Agate Orca or Ocean

Orca or Ocean agate is a very peaceful and nourishing kind of agate associated with the throat chakra thus promoting clear communication. It is closely related to the element of water due to its fluid energy and markings that remind us of the great killer whale. The colors seem blurry, lending to the softness of its vibratory pattern.

Orca Agate is subtle, yet powerful which makes it such a steadfast stone that is easy to work with, it is even a great stone for children because it is supportive, but not too heavy or intense.

While holding a piece of orca agate, imagine being at the beach, either in the water or admiring it from the shore. Breathe in the salty air as you listen to the waves crashing into the sand. Take the time to relax in this soothing seaside location. Orca agate will guide you to the loving and nourishing energies of the ocean.

Keywords: Fluidity, appeasement, communication

Chakras: Throat
Purification and recharging: water, salt water, Moon
Zodiac: Gemini, Aquarius

Agni Manitite (Pearl of fire)

Agni Manitite, also known in the market as Pearl of Fire, is an extremely rare tektite found on the island of Java, Indonesia. The color ranges from a dark charcoal gray-black to a smoky translucent color. Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term "agni mani", which means "pearl of divine fire". These tektites are formed when a meteorite crash landed on the Indonesian archipelago. This prepared sufficient surface heating to liquidate it, thus giving Mother Earth a mineral out of this world. What makes this so rare is that most of the pieces of Agni Manitite are now underwater, which makes this tektite hard to find. It's different from Moldavite, where farmers can simply plow their fields and produce one of the most famous E.T.stones. The Pearl of Fire resonates directly with the solar plexus chakra, activating and engaging it at "warp speed". You will immediately notice the connection and ability to monitor your personal energy levels and the unique attributes that make you, you. Most of these traits come from our second brain (our gut) and hold the key to a majority of answers we may not have even researched. This technology specializes in elevating your levels of creative, manifestation and adventure energy to new heights and should translate into a built-up confidence in yourself and your own abilities. You receive a gift when you are born into this world; free will. It is simply the ability to freely choose your interests, while being aware of your emotional state. Agni Manitite helps direct your own personal will towards what truly brings happiness and joy in your life. This translates into better thought, strength and positivity that will spread throughout your physical vessel like wildfire. This stone should remind you that anything is possible as long as your soul and spirit can synchronize with the world around you. By being able to understand your environment, you will become a leader among the pack. Just as the role of a leader is to move forward and show the way, they are also very respected and powerful beings. They have a community that listens and takes their word for the highest value. It is something that one cannot simply find in this world, rather it has to be constructed over time. She takes her leadership values ​​to the next level and helps you slowly bring your own community together in a mission of peace, light and personal growth.

Keywords: personal power, creativity, elevation

Chakras: plexus and crown

Purification and recharging: water without salt, quartz clusters, moon light

Zodiac: all


Extremely soothing stone, calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the etheric body, maintaining optimal health. Amazonite balances male and female energies, as well as many aspects of the personality. It heals and opens the heart chakra and throat chakra to strengthen loving communication.

Keywords: calm, harmony, communication, balance.
Chakras: heart and throat.
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo



Extremely powerful and protective stone, endowed with a high spiritual vibration. Preserves from psychic attack, converting energy into love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks stress and negative environmental energies. Its serenity promotes higher states of consciousness and meditation. It balances the ups and downs, engages the emotional centering. Dispels anger, fury, fear and anxiety. Highly spiritual stone, promotes love of the divine, offers insights into the true nature of the divine, and supports altruism and spiritual wisdom. Activates intuition and promotes psychic gifts. Besides strengthening spiritual awareness, amethyst has great healing and purifying powers.

Keywords: spirituality, purification, wisdom, calm
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, putting it in the sun changes its color over time.
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn

Aquamarine (aquamarine)

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and calm the mind. Harmonizes its environment and protects against pollutants. Long ago it was supposed to neutralize the forces of darkness and bring favor to the spirits of light. Aquamarine protects the aura and aligns the chakras, purifying the throat chakra and opening up access to communication from a higher plane. Also harmonizes the physical body with the spiritual body.

Keywords: courage, calm, communication.
Chakras: heart, throat
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Gemini


Ametrine combines the properties of amethyst and citrine. It connects the physical realm to the higher consciousness. Facilitates astral travel and protects during it, by repelling psychic attacks. Eliminates stress and mental tension, calming and focusing more on meditation. Opens the third eye, promotes health and divination, joins male and female energies. Psychologically, increases compatibility and acceptance of others. Stone strongly charged with energy, it stimulates creativity and helps to take control of his own life. Ametrine brings clarity, harmonizing perception and action. Intensifies concentration and helps to examine things closely, prompting to explore all possibilities and providing creative solutions. Leads the intellect beyond everyday reality, linking it to higher consciousness.

Keywords: Concentration, mental clarity, creativity
Chakras: plexus, crown
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Leo


Aurora Quartz or Anandalite (name inspired by Buddhism) from India, is naturally an iridescent master healer. It purifies, aligns and charges with energy all the chakras (including the Trans-personnel and the Alta-major).
It is beneficial for overall well-being: central nervous system, immune system, psychic and physical ...
A powerful tool of energetic ascension, this stone gently strips down to the depths of the soul and patiently rebuilds the individual's energetic patterns in order to adapt them to massive energetic change, to bring enlightenment to Earth.

Keywords: healing, ascension, well-being

Chakras: 3rd eye, crown

Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, little sun.

Zodiac: Cancer, Leo


Angelite is one of the New Age "awareness stones". Represents peace and brotherhood. As its name suggests, it facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. Strengthens telepathic communication and promotes extracorporeal travel while maintaining contact with everyday reality. Powerful stone for therapists, because it

increases harmonization and sharpens perception. Angelite helps assert your own truth, whatever it is. Encourages one to be more compassionate and to accept that which cannot be changed.

Keywords: gentleness, angelic realms, serenity
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, little sun.
Zodiac: Pisces, Cancer, Gemini


Apatite has inspirational properties. Interface point between consciousness and matter, it is a stone of manifestation, which favors the humanitarian attitude, inclined to be of service. Although it is related to past lives, apatite is in harmony with the future. It develops psychic gifts and spiritual tuning, deepens meditation, raises kundalini, and promotes communication and personal expression on all levels.

Keywords: manifestation, inspiration, communication.
Chakras: 3rd eye
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra


Stone of healing and anchoring for the earth, in harmony with Mother Earth. Thanks to its ability to center and anchor physical energies, it is useful during times of stress. Stabilizes the root chakra and the Earth chakra, amplifying the connection with the earth. Gently returns to childhood and beyond to explore the past.Psychologically, aragonite teaches patience, acceptance and rejection of hypersensitivity. Suitable for people who demand too much of themselves. Facilitates the delegation of tasks. Her practical energy promotes discipline and reliability, resulting in a pragmatic approach to life.

Keywords: anchoring, patience, acceptance, discipline
Chakras: root, sacred
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus


Very positive prosperity stone establishing a strong connection with the Devic kingdom. Forms a protective network against geopathic stress around gardens or houses. The aventurine strengthens leadership qualities and a determined character. Promotes compassion and empathy, encourages perseverance. Calms anger and irritation, stimulates emotional recovery and helps to live in one's heart.

Keywords: prosperity, compassion, positivism
Chakras: heart.
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Cancer, Taurus, Libra



Rare crystal, bearer of light, it is a New Age stone. Its extremely pure vibration, one of the most subtle in the mineral kingdom, is tuned to the highest frequencies. This crystal brings these high frequencies down to earth and promotes spiritual evolution. Expands consciousness and elevates it to a higher level as well as the vibrations of the individual, if he is ready. In doing so, it helps to emit a positive vibration, which will benefit others. Does not require purification, its energy is always abundant, this stone should be handled with care if one is not used to working on spiritual planes or with high frequencies. The induced change in vibration is powerful and may have unpleasant side effects before it is fully integrated.

Keywords: light, consciousness, evolution
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, lunar and solar light.
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Boji, Shaman Stone

The most effective anchor stone, gently returns to the Earth and to the body, anchoring in the present, especially after work in another spiritual dimension. Extremely useful for people who find it difficult to get fully involved in the incarnation. Strong protective stone, very useful to overcome blockages.

Keywords: intuition, shamanic journey, psychic protection, polarity


Powerful amplifier and energy purifier. A piece of calcite placed in the room dispels negative energies and intensifies personal energy. Eliminates stagnant energy in the body. Its various colors purify the physical body as well as the subtle bodies. Active crystal, calcite accelerates development and growth. Spiritual stone linked to higher consciousness, facilitates openness to higher sensitivity, psychic gifts, channeling and extracorporeal experiences. Accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul back in the body to remember its experiences.

Keywords: purification, spirituality, growth
Chakras: depending on the color
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, little sun.
Zodiac: depending on the color

Celestite / Celestine

Celestine is a stone with a high vibration ideal for mediation. It is a soft stone that acts calmly and brings comfort. Celestine in lithotherapy is a stone imbued with divine energies. It leads to infinite spiritual peace and enables spiritual development which leads to enlightenment. It connects to the angelic realms. Thanks to its translucency and light blue color, celestine opens the 3rd eye and the throat chakra in order to facilitate exchanges. Celestine promotes purity of the heart, reveals serenity and brings harmony. It helps to resolve conflicts to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. It provides an influx of maternal tenderness. It dispels pain and brings love. Its gentle and soothing action is recommended for both children and adults during restless nights filled with stress and anxiety. Celestine provides an influx of maternal tenderness. It is positioned near the head either under the pillow for a polished pebble or on the bedside table for a rough stone or geode. Celestine has a soothing effect, which relaxes muscle tension and calms the mind. This natural stone would be effective against emotional disorders related to the heart, nervous asthma.

Keywords: comfort, serenity, harmony

Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

Reloading: Moon, quartz or amethyst cluster, selenite plate

Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo


Anchor in present reality. Stabilizing stone possessing high energy, excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, for stimulating creativity, for spectacular purposes, Carnelian has the ability to purify other crystals. Confers courage, encourages positive choices, dispels apathy, and motivates success in all areas. Charged with vital force, carnelian stimulates the metabolism, activates the root chakra, influences the female reproductive organs, increases fertility, overcomes frigidity and impotence

Keywords: sexuality, vitality, confidence, creativity

Chakras: sacred and root

Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, lots of sun.

Zodiac: Aries



Stone of transformation. It is the stone of the soul that overcomes fear. Stimulates inner vision and spiritual intuition, helps to deal with the enormous spiritual burden by associating the heart chakra with the crown chakra, purifying the aura and stimulating unconditional love. Encourages change in vibrations and connects with higher realities. At the same time, this crystal elicits deep physical and emotional healing, helping to accept the present as perfect.

Keywords: unconditional love, healing, vision
Chakras: heart and crown
Purification and recharging:
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio


Radiating harmony, synthesizes change and balance, showing how the two work together. This stone allows you to enjoy the joy of being centered in the present, encourages the self to flourish, inspires, charges with energy and concretizes efforts. Teaches how to keep a childlike spirit, promises innocent fun on the spiritual path, and instills impetuosity in personal development. Strengthening the character, triumph over bigotry, ignorance, narrow-mindedness, complacency and jealousy, while pushing to show more love to the world, which in turn will bring in more love in people's lives.

Keywords: harmony, present moment, child's heart.
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging:
Zodiac: Aries



Quiet and useful stone, which facilitates meditation and communication. Calms, purifies and charges with energy all the chakras, aligning them with the divine. Encourages self-awareness and inner balance, instills confidence and sensitivity, strengthens personal power and inspires creativity. Triumphing over phobias, eliminates negativity and provides motivation to those who lack it. Decrease tension and help keep a cool head. Promotes truth and fairness. Alleviates guilt and brings joy. At the Solar Plexus Chakra, root out negative emotions like guilt and reverse destructive programming. In the heart chakra, treats sorrows and intensifies the capacity to love. In the throat chakra, improves communication while promoting the discernment required by silence.

Keywords: calm, balance, confidence
Chakras: heart and throat.
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius



Chrysoprase imparts the feeling of being an integral part of the divine. Induces deep meditative states. Long ago, it was supposed to promote the love of truth. Also promotes hope and personal insights, highlights talents and stimulates creativity. Encourages loyalty in business and personal relationships. Charges the heart and sacral chakras with energy and brings universal energy into the physical body.

Keywords: love, truth, hope, intuition.
Chakras: plexus, heart.
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, lots of sun.
Zodiac: Cancer, Libra


At first glance, these little brown crystals don't look like a thing, but they contain a great vibration that is surprisingly rooted. Colombianite links the root chakra and crown chakra with the soul star to help anchor cosmic knowledge and downloads so that you can integrate them into your daily life. Found only in South America, Colombianite is much rarer than moldavite and has been used by shamans to communicate with higher beings for centuries. Little is known about how this mysterious tektite found its way to Earth, but some believe it to be obsidian-like glass of extraterrestrial origin that formed when a meteorite struck the area about 29 million years ago. As this is not as well documented as other tektites, if you have called to argue with Colombianitis, keep a journal of your experiences. You are contributing a lot to the world of crystal healing and crystal knowledge!

Chakras: root and crown

Purification and recharge: water without salt, quartz clusters, moon light

Zodiac: all



Powerful cleanser and regenerator. Endowed with solar power, it is an extremely beneficial, warm, energizing and highly creative stone that promotes abundance and success. One of the crystals that never needs to be cleaned, as they absorb, transform, dissipate and anchor negative energy, thus protecting the environment. Citrine charges all the planes of life with energy. Purifies the chakras, especially the solar plexus and navel chakras. Activates the crown chakra and opens intuition. Citrine purifies and balances the subtle bodies, harmonizing them with the physical body. Beware of very orange or brown citrines which are in fact heated amethysts.

Keywords: light, abundance, success
Chakras: sacred and plexus.
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, lots of sun.
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini

Citrine Kundalini

Kundalini Citrine (smoked or not) is a category of rare and natural citrine from Congo.

Its energy is very powerful and its vibrations are stronger than standard citrine. She is known to fully activate the kundalini, which is the spiral energy connecting all of the chakras. She is said to create a cosmic orgasm that takes her to the heart of creation to become a co-creator of our physical world. It is a perfect crystal for tantric sex, Kundalini Citrine attracts abundance and is believed to create passion on all levels.

Keywords: activation, abundance, passion

Chakras: all but more specifically sacred and plexus.

Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, lots of sun.

Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini


Like its electrical conduction abilities, the copper stone is also a good conductor from an etheric and psychic point of view. It will thus promote the flow of energy through the chakras and the rise of kundalini energy. It is often used by energy therapists such as magnetizers, reiki practitioners, or mediums. Powerful tool for meditation, it helps astral travel and divination and helps rebalance the emotions with the mind. It also improves creativity and artistic intuition. Finally, calming agitated people, it promotes a sense of justice, allows you to go further in your ideas and reasoning, and brings harmony and love to all.

Having antibacterial action and being an effective fungicide, copper helps to treat fungi in the body. In lithotherapy, it has many qualities. Thus, it relieves joint pain and helps those who feel stiff or easily exhausted after a sporting effort. It also helps regulate intestinal transit problems improving digestion, eliminating toxins thereby purifying the body, and alleviating menstrual cramps while increasing fertility. Finally, having an action on the liver, kidneys and brain, it is recommended for the elderly to gain vigor as well as for people who have difficulty waking up to start their day.

Keywords: liveliness, creativity, harmony

Chakras: sacred and plexus.

Purification and recharging: quartz cluster, selenite plate, lots of sun.

Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio


Extremely spiritual stone with a very pure vibration and acting on the energy of the heart. Activates the intellect and higher consciousness, connecting to the angelic realms. Its brilliance comes from cosmic light - it sometimes exhibits Buddha formation, which attracts enlightenment and spiritual radiance. Smoothes the way in front of the individual.

Facilitates deep change and overcoming the past. Karmic purifier, lets go of the miasmas and mental imperatives carried with you. Shows the soul a new direction. Placed next to the bed, this crystal accompanies the dying on their journey beyond death, enabling conscious spiritual transition

Keywords: light, spirituality, consciousness.
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown.
Purification and recharging:
Zodiac: Leo


Highly protective stone, especially on the psychic level, helps to discern the external influence of the work in itself and puts an end to psychic manipulation and unwanted mental influences. Purifies and stabilizes the aura. Extremely effective against electromagnetic stress. Used for healing, fluorite absorbs all negative energies and stresses. Cleanses, purifies, dissipates and reorganizes everything that is not perfectly harmonious in the body. The best crystal to overcome any form of disorganization, it promotes focus and concentration.

Keywords: mental acuity, concentration, protection
Chakras: depending on the color.
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: depending on the colors



Provides access to invested knowledge of great practical value. The fuchsite shows how to do only what is appropriate for the growth of the souls of others and stay calm, without intervening, as they learn their own lessons. Combine unconditional love with stubborn love that says “enough is enough”. Useful in combating a situation where you seem to be "helping", but where you actually derive great psychological satisfaction from the other person's addiction. Allows the two souls to go their own way. Helps to grasp the interaction with others and links to essential interests of life.

Keyword: emotional protection
Chakra: heart
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra



Highly re-energizing and regenerating stone. Purifies the chakras and recharges them, revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion, as needed. Supposed to warn of imminent danger, it was once a protective talisman. Crystal of the most widespread, presents several forms, each one endowed with different properties, in addition to the generic characteristics. Inspires love and dedication, balances sexual urges and alleviates emotional disharmony. The red garnet especially stimulates the controlled rise of the kundalini and promotes virility. Stone of engagement.

Keywords: strength, energy, commitment
Chakras: root
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, lots of sun.
Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries, Taurus


Particularly effective for anchoring and protecting. Harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. Used during extracorporeal travel, hematite protects the soul and brings it back into the body. This very yang stone balances the meridians, correcting yin imbalances. Dispels negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura, restoring peace and harmony to the body.

Keywords: rooting, balance, protection
Chakras: root
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun.
Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn


Herkimer, (quartz or diamond)

The Herkimer diamond is a form of very pure Quartz with a hardness of 7.5, bringing it closer to the hardness of diamond. It energizes, animates and promotes creativity. It is a powerful harmonizing crystal, especially when it is small and exceptionally clear. Stimulates psychic gifts like clairvoyance, spiritual vision and telepathy, connecting to higher dimensional indications and promoting dream memory and understanding. Arouses conscious agreement with the higher spiritual planes and with one's own potential. Purifies the chakras and opens the channels for the circulation of spiritual energy. Provides access to information from past lives, allowing the recognition of blockages or opposition to spiritual growth. Facilitates smooth release and transformation, highlighting the soul's purpose. Activates the body of light. Harmonize people and put them in touch if they have to separate: each will keep a stone. Consolidates telepathy, especially in the early stages of practice, and tunes therapist and patient. Has a crystal clear memory capable of storing information in sight

Keywords: amplification, gifts, purification, light
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: salt water, lots of sun
Zodiac: all


Extremely calming stone. Placed under the pillow, it is an excellent antidote for insomnia, especially when it is caused by over-arousal. Connects to the spiritual dimensions, allowing one to tune into them and preparing the mind for the reception of wisdom and insights. Assists extracorporeal travel and access to past lives. Helps to define ambitions, spiritual and material, and to achieve them. Calms the mind and is excellent for sleep or meditation. Promotes calm and logical communication, strengthens memory and stimulates the desire to know.This crystal calms turbulent emotions, especially those whose causes are in past lives. Cut the links uniting the emotions of the past with the catalysts of present life,

Keywords: calm, ambition, communication
Chakras: 3rd eye
Purification and recharging:
Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo


Symbol of purity and serenity very appreciated in the East, jade embodies the wisdom accumulated in serenity. Associated with the heart chakra, intensifies the maintenance of feelings of love. Protective stone, warding off evil from its owner and bringing harmony. Supposed to attract good luck and friendship.

Keywords: serenity, harmony, luck
chakra: heart
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun. Purification rarely necessary.
Zodiac: Libra, Taurus, Cancer



Jasper is called "supreme protector". Supports during periods of stress, brings serenity and unity. Used for healing, unifies all aspects of life. Reminds people to help each other. Jasper aligns the chakras and can be used for arrangements of crystals around them, each color suiting a specific chakra. Facilitates shamanic journeys and the memory of dreams. Offers protection, anchors the energies and the body, absorbs negative energy, purifies and aligns the chakras and the aura. Jasper balances yin and yang and harmonizes the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric world.

Keywords: anchoring, protection, balance
Chakras: depending on the color
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun
Zodiac: Aries



Extremely spiritual stone with a high vibration awakens the heart center and arouses unconditional love, generating loving thoughts and communication. Radiate peace and connect with universal love. Kunzite induces a deep and centered meditative state. Beneficial for people who find it difficult to immerse themselves in meditation. Increases creativity. Encourages modesty and a willingness to be of service. Kunzite is a protective stone, acting on the individual and his environment. Has the power to dispel negativity. Preserves the aura from unwanted energies, surrounding it with a protective envelope, and disperses attached entities and the mental influences of them. Communicates the ability to be protected even in a crowd. Kunzite intensifies the energy field surrounding the body.

Keywords: spirituality, peace, universal love
  heart, sacred
Purification and recharging:
Zodiac: all


Known as the stone of healers par excellence, labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, which brings light. It raises the consciousness and puts in contact with the universal energies. Diverts unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. Forms a barrier against negative energies picked up during therapy. Aligns physical and etheric bodies and provides access to spiritual purpose. Raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies in the physical body. This stone stimulates intuition and psychic gifts, including the art of being somewhere at the "right time", bringing out messages from the unconscious and facilitating their understanding. Strengthens faith in oneself and trust in the universe. Calms the overactive mind and energizes the imagination, sparking new ideas. Analysis and rationality are balanced by inner vision.  

Keywords: protection, radiation, awareness
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, morning sun.
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces, Gemini


Lapis lazuli

Stimulates enlightenment, strengthens dreamwork and psychic gifts, facilitating spiritual journey and stimulating personal and spiritual power. Let go of stress quickly, bringing deep peace. Endowed with immense serenity, it is the key to spiritual realization. Lapis lazuli is a protective stone that puts you in contact with the guardian spirits. Identifying the psychic attack, blocks it and returns the energy to its source. Teaches the power of speech and reverses curses or discomfort caused by lack of expression from the past.

Keywords: sincere expression, intuition, virtue
Chakras: throat, 3rd eye.
Purification and recharging: salt-free water, quartz clusters, moonlight
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius


In lithotherapy, lepidolite is known to be a stone of peace and serenity. It would have the power to soothe negative thoughts, anxieties and sadness. This mineral would help fight against compulsive behavioral disorders, but also against social phobias, such as agoraphobia. The purple mica present in the stone would sharpen concentration and analysis, which would help reflection to make good decisions, both professional and personal. Lepidolite would bring a stabilization that harmonizes all the energies of the body. Inner peace and self-confidence are positively impacted. Like most purple minerals, Lepidolite promotes spirituality, aids meditation, and soul development and calming.

Keywords: serenity, concentration, harmonization, trust

Chakras: Crown, 3rd eye, heart

Recharging: water, moonlight and solar

Zodiac: Aquarius, Sagittarius


Important protective stone, easily absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body. Malachite purifies and activates the chakras and harmonizes with spiritual direction. Placed on the third eye, stimulates visualization and psychic vision. Placed on the heart, brings balance and harmony, opening the heart to unconditional love.

Keywords: healing, balance, unconditional love
Chakras: plexus, heart
Recharging: cluster of quartz, lunar and solar light
Zodiac: Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio


It is a bonding mineral, bringing us closer together and activating the energies of cooperation. This mineral works to help us finish what we started with ease. It stimulates spontaneity and produces a grounding effect to balance the emotional and physical body.

The inclusion of manganese enhances our positivity and inspires true creativity. It further works to bring a connection with our conscious self and the angelic realm, when actively grounded, actively aware and intuitively aware.

It increases the body's metabolic rate to produce homeopathic energies in healing situations and stimulates the assimilation of the nutrient manganese to relieve headaches, muscle stiffness and fatigue.

Keywords: connection, spontaneity, balance
Chakras: root, sacral
Recharging: cluster of quartz, moonlight and contact with the earth
Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo


Magic stone bearing the mark of the common knowledge of shamans, alchemists, priest-magicians and various other users of magic, its double color combines spiritual and earthly vibrations, giving access to the spiritual and shamanic worlds. Supports shamanic practices and magical rituals, facilitates reading the Akashic records, inducing travel to past or future lives to gain insight into how to live in the future. Will bring magic into the life of the individual.

Keywords: magic, knowledge, power

Chakras: coronal
Purification and recharging:
Zodiac: Cancer, Gemini



New Age Stone is a form of tektite, believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, formed when a giant meteorite hit Earth. Moldavite is said to be the result of the fusion of extraterrestrial energies with Mother Earth, caused by the heat of the impact which metamorphosed the surrounding rocks, "scattering" the crystals over a wide area. A rare stone, it is found along the banks of the Vltava River (in German Moldau, hence the name). It has been used since the Stone Age as a talisman and amulet for luck and fertility. Many people believe that she will help the transition and healing of the Earth and that now is the time to use her energies wisely. Greatly fortifies the effect of other crystals, leading them to their highest vibration. Communicates with higher self and extraterrestrials. Has its own cosmic high soul, able to contact high masters and cosmic messengers. If we raise this stone towards the light while looking at it, the consciousness changes. Leads into higher spiritual dimensions and facilitates the ascension process. Has an extremely high vibration, which opens the chakras, clears their blockages and aligns them. Completes the divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth. Resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receiving higher spiritual guidance. Placed on the throat, conveys interplanetary messages, especially those relating to the state of earth's ecology and its healing needs.

Keywords: transformation, spiritual evolution, synchronicity, ascension
Chakras: all, especially heart and 3rd eye
Purification and recharging: salt-free water, quartz clusters, moonlight
Zodiac: all


  As her name suggests, her connection to the moon is strong, as well as to intuition. Like the moon, the stone is a mirror, which reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of changes, similar to the growth and decline of this star. Its most powerful effect is exerted on the appeasement of emotions. Brings the unconscious to the conscious, promotes intuition and empathy, encourages lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon. The tradition used it to strengthen psychic gifts and develop clairvoyance. As a pendant, encourages the acceptance of one's own psychic gifts.

Keywords: serenity, intuition, yin (feminine energy)
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown
Purification and recharging: water, quartz clusters, abundant moonlight
Zodiac: Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini

Obsidian (black & snowflake)

Obsidian is molten lava, cooled so quickly that it hasn't had time to crystallize. Stone without borders or limitations, acts extremely quickly and with great force Its mirror qualities emphasizing truth ruthlessly expose faults, weaknesses and blockages. Nothing can be hidden from obsidian. Showing how to alleviate destructive and debilitating states, obsidian compels growth and offers unwavering support during this process. Offers deep soul healing. Obsidian facilitates returning to past lives to heal old emotions or traumas brought into the current life. Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, which forms a shield against negativity. Provides a grounding cord from the root chakra to the center of the earth, absorbs negative energies from the environment and strengthens when needed. Useful for very sensitive people. Blocks psychic attack and wards off negative spiritual influences.

Keywords: anchoring, protection, guidance
Chakras: root
Recharging: Obsidian are stones that repel negative energies and do not absorb them, therefore they do not need purifications. However, you can charge them by the rays of the Sun or the Moon.
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer

Obsidian (golden)

Golden obsidian on its own is a stone of wisdom, as it helps us gain greater spiritual understanding and guides us towards enlightenment. Also taking up all the great protective properties of "rainbow" celestial eye obsidian. Golden obsidian triples the radiance of the etheric body of the wearer of this stone. Which explains the powerful protection it generates around everyone. Generally, we quickly feel the boost of energy it brings.

Keywords: Enlightenment, wisdom, protection

Chakras: Root

Recharging: Obsidian are stones that repel negative energies and do not absorb them, therefore they do not need purifications. However, you can charge them by the rays of the Sun or the Moon.  

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Obsidian (celestial or rainbow) eye

Considered the most powerful of the obsidians, its aura of protection radiates with force. It promotes the expansion of the aura and the elevation of the soul. Stone of hope and emotional healing, it also allows you to dive deep into your inner darkness to come out purged of all your emotional wounds and traumas experienced, liberated, bathed in divine light. It teaches the individual his spiritual nature. Sever the bonds of love, gently remove the hooks that the partner has left in the heart and recharge it with energy. Worn as a pendant, absorbs negative energy from the aura and extracts stress from the body.

Keywords: grounding, protection, emotional healing
Chakras: all
Recharging: Obsidian are stones that repel negative energies and do not absorb them, therefore they do not need purifications. However, you can charge them by the rays of the Sun or the Moon.
Zodiac: all signs, especially Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn


Gives strength, support in difficult or disorienting circumstances and during times of immense mental or physical stress. Facilitates the centering of the individual's energy and alignment with the higher power, as well as the attainment of the higher direction. Driven into the future. Thanks to its capacity to confer personal force, makes it possible to make itself master of its destiny. Promotes vigor, firmness and vitality. Allows lessons to be learned, conferring self-confidence and giving the power to feel at ease in one's environment.

Keywords: strength, trust, protection, anchoring
Chakras: root
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, moon
Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio

Pearl (freshwater)

When the stone has a white surface, it is automatically associated with a sign of purity and spirituality. If, on the other hand, it has shades of beige, then it is associated with a virtue of softness and soothing functions. When the white stone this time has shades of gray, it has the virtue of discretion and modesty, qualities highly sought after in certain ancient civilizations. The white stone with pink undertones is directly associated with love, tenderness and affection. The white stone with green reflections is highly sought after, as it naturally calms anxieties and has soothing properties.

It is very often used in the context of relaxation. When it is white with bluish reflections on the surface, it is the creative and artistic side that will be emphasized and associated with white, generally in circles. Finally, the black pearl, contrary to certain received ideas, is intended to be protective with very significant psychological and bodily benefits.

Keywords: well-being, softness, femininity

Chakras: solar plexus

Purification and recharging: cold water, moon

Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces, Libra​​



Said to guard "the keys to the kingdom of heaven", it joins the daily consciousness to the spiritual, reminding the individual that he is an incorporeal being who has undertaken a human journey. Centering in the spiritual being, Pietersite anchors not in the earth, but in the etheric body. Facilitates spiritual journeys, especially to consult the Akashic records and records of his incarnations noted there. Revealing stone, can be used for the vision quest or the shamanic journey. Strongly influences the body during moving meditations, quickly accessing a very high state of altered consciousness. Stimulates the third eye and the epiphysis, accesses intuition and promotes subtle spiritual visions and precognition. Pietersite is believed to dispel the illusion of separation. Connects the individual with the source of their inner direction and helps them recognize the truth or falsity of what others say. Dispels blockages due to stubbornness and clears up confusion. Used for healing past lives, Pietersite removes the discomfort caused by not respecting one's own truth. Eliminates mental and verbal conditioning – beliefs previously imposed by authority figures (parents, governments) – and dispels spiritual illusions. Cancels commitments and promises from previous lives brought into this life and strengthens the self-will of the individual.

Keywords: vision, connection, truth, will
Chakras: 3rd eye, coronal
Purification and recharging: water, cluster of quartz or selenite, moon
Zodiac: all


Serene stone of unconditional love, heals the therapist. Intensifies the visualization process and induces deep meditation during which the higher self is reached. By meditating on this crystal, one comes into contact with the energetic network of the universe. Supposed to connect with the Archangel Raphael, other spiritual beings and extraterrestrials. Prehnite increases foreknowledge and inner knowing. Allows you to be always ready, no matter what. Thanks to its ability to harmonize with divine energies, prehnite enhances the gift of prophecy and shows the way to spiritual growth. This crystal encloses the auric field in a protective shield of divine energy. Useful for forming networks due to its ability to pacify the environment and offer peace and protection.  

Keywords: serenity, unconditional love, universal knowledge
Chakras: heart, coronal
Purification and recharging: water, clusters of quartz or selenite, sun
Zodiac: Capricorn, Leo, Libra


Excellent energy shield, which wards off negative energy and pollutants, including infectious diseases, on all planes. Worn around the neck, protects the subtle bodies and the physical body, warding off evil and danger. Very positive stone, overcomes inertia and the feeling of mediocrity. Stimulates the flow of ideas, allowing you to tap into your abilities and potential. An iron pyrite crystal placed on the desk charges the area around it with energy. Useful when setting up the main lines of commercial strategy. Teaches how to see beyond appearances and promotes diplomacy.

Keywords: positivism, will, demonstration, diplomacy
Chakras: plexus
Purification and recharging: water, clusters of quartz, lots of sun.
Zodiac: Libra, Leo


Quartz cactus Amethyst (spirit quartz)

There are different varieties of cactus quartz, which have in common that they are made up of a myriad of small points that all vibrate in harmony. Amethyst cactus quartz puts us in direct connection with our Higher Spirit, our Spiritual Self, through the crown chakra and helps us to physically integrate this spiritual energy. It purifies the auric field. Citrine cactus quartz puts us in connection with our higher will by acting on the plexus. Finally, the white cactus quartz activates all the energy centers of the body and can be programmed, especially for healing. These are stones that bring peace of mind and promote harmony on all levels.

Keywords: harmony, higher spirit, divine will, healing
Chakras: plexus (citrine), crown (amethyst), all (white)
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun
Zodiac: see the corresponding stones (amethyst, citrine)


Quartz (clear)

Unlike other stones which have their intrinsic properties, Clear Quartz can be programmed for any purpose. It acts like an amplifier. As such, it can amplify our intention, the energy of a place, the properties of another stone, etc. Because of this characteristic feature, it is therefore important to always ensure that it is well cleaned, so as not to amplify negative energies! Clear Quartz also acts as a vessel of light that brings clarity to the mind. It is the most versatile tool in lithotherapy.

Keywords: amplification, programming, clear intention
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: salt water, sun
Zodiac: all signs


Quartz (smoky)

Very effective grounding crystal, which at the same time raises the vibrations during meditation. In close connection with the root chakra and the Earth chakra, promotes interest in the environment and ecological solutions. Perfect antidote for stress, helps to endure difficult times with firmness, firming up determination. Grounding spiritual energy and gently neutralizing negative vibrations, blocks geopathic stress, absorbs electromagnetic fog and aids elimination and detoxification on all planes. Fills the space with a positive vibration. Teaches how to leave behind what has become obsolete Can be used to protect the Earth Chakra and grants grounding when in an area of disturbed earth energy

Keywords: grounding, determination, calm, stability
Chakra: root
Purification and recharging: salt water, sun, to be cleaned regularly, as it absorbs a lot
Zodiac: Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries, Taurus

Quartz (golden healer)

Golden Healing Quartz is a powerful healing crystal on all levels of being. This type of quartz raises your energy vibration to extremely high levels and acts as a catalyst for deep spiritual activation. It resonates with your soul's journey and your path to enlightenment. This crystal has a high level of life energy. Holding it helps calm anger, dissolve negative emotions, and promote compassion and empathy. It helps bring you to a state where all life forms are linked in universal love and awareness. It allows your whole being to be of service to our planet. Use this crystal to help you make profound changes in your life.

Keywords: healing, change, light

chakras: all

Purification and recharging: salt water, sun

Zodiac: all

Quartz  (hematoid or harlequin)

Hematoid quartz combines the properties of rock crystal and hematite, so it is a powerful fortifier. It transforms negativity into positivity, balances the energies of body and mind, and facilitates understanding of emotions. A real energy booster, it gives the courage to undertake, it chases away procrastination and gloom, it fights fatigue. Comforting and reassuring, it strengthens the will to overcome problems and transforms failures into constructive experiences. It is suitable for both apathetic and hyperactive people who need to reinvigorate themselves. Hematoid quartz stimulates concentration and memory. It opens the consciousness to the understanding of emotions and helps to develop listening skills, as well as patience.

Keywords: balance, clarity, self-esteem

Chakra: root, heart, crown

Purification and reloading: water, fumigation

Zodiac: Leo, Taurus


Quartz (lemurian)

Lemurian quartz is a variety of quartz that can be recognized by its deep streaks on its surfaces. It promotes communication with the subtle planes as well as lucid dreams when placed under the pillow. Strengthen the intention. It can also be used to facilitate reminiscences of past lives.

Keywords: clear intention, lucid dreams, past lives
Chakras: all

Quartz (pink)

A stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, it is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love. Purifies and opens the heart on all levels, brings deep inner healing and self-love. Calming, reassuring, this crystal is excellent in case of trauma or crisis. When purplish, it stimulates creativity.

Keywords: love, gentleness, emotional healing
Chakras: Heart
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra


Quartz (rutilated)

The positive vibrations of rutilated quartz make it a powerful ally for mental and spiritual well-being. Its virtues on behavior will be ideal in love, in order to maintain stable, sincere and appeased sentimental relationships of all tensions. It helps in particular to overcome shyness, by promoting frankness and sincerity, as well as self-confidence and independence. In difficult times, this quartz helps bring back good humor and joie de vivre. It also helps to manage emotions, and calms conflicts. Rutilated quartz crystals keep negative energies and ill-intentioned people away from oneself.

For those who must radically change their lifestyle (in the event of quitting smoking, or losing weight for example), a rutilated quartz stone will be a powerful mental support. From a more spiritual point of view, rutilated quartz brings a better open-mindedness. It is reputed to have the power to protect against the evil eye in the event of astral travel in parallel dimensions, and to promote communication with angels. This rutilated quartz stone is essential for a good meditation as it allows to explore in depth the different layers of consciousness.

Keywords: amplification, power, light energy
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Aries

Quartz (strawberry)

Strawberry quartz is recommended for people who take themselves too seriously, it can bring a touch of lightness and derision. It is a stone that encourages love, whether it is love of oneself or love of others. It can also help you strengthen your bonds with your partner, family or friends. It brings a sense of well-being, calm and peace of mind and can aid sleep. Strawberry quartz also helps to have a better vision of events, it helps to understand the causes of happiness or unhappiness.

.Keywords: lightness, love, well-being

Chakras: crown, heart

Purification and recharging: water, fumigation, sun

Zodiac: Libra


Quartz (black Tibetan)

The black Tibetan quartzes are powerful tools of spiritual protection and purification, which cleans and protects the aura against any bad influence and calls there the divine light. In addition, they activate and harmonize all of the chakras and meridians, thereby promoting energy healing. They also represent a perfect meditation tool for those who feel an affinity with Tibetan Buddhism. Indeed, while ensuring a solid grip with reality, black Tibetan quartz promotes the expansion of consciousness by opening the upper chakras. One can imagine them emanating silent Om at all times.

Keywords: spiritual protection and purification, energy healing, balance
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn


Quartz (with inclusion of) tourmaline

Quartz with the inclusion of tourmaline is a fine example of perfect synergy: the purifying aspect of tourmaline ensures that the quartz is always clean and does not amplify negative energies, while the amplifying aspect of quartz enhances the action. tourmaline cleanser. An unbeatable combination for cleaning and protection. Tourmaline quartz also allows the body to receive the full spectrum of electromagnetic energies, providing balance at this level. It also promotes a clear mind. It makes you feel both grounded and turned on.

Keywords: purification, protection
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: salt water, quartz clusters, sun
Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra



Represents selfless love and compassion. Expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with the material energies. Gives a dynamic and positive attitude. Excellent stone for the heart and relationships, especially for people who do not feel loved. It is the stone par excellence for the healing of sexual abuse. Attracts a kindred spirit, but it may not be the ecstatic experience expected. Soulmates are people who help the individual learn life's lessons. Although sometimes unpleasant, the process is carried out for the greater good of the individual. Teaches the heart to process painful feelings without shutting down, and dispels denial.

Keywords: emotional healing, calm, self-esteem
Chakras: plexus, heart
Purification and recharging: water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio



Rhodonite combines the heart-beneficial properties of rose with the protective aspect of its black veins. It is said to protect against jealousy and excessive unwanted feelings of love. Also a stone of learning and development, it puts us in touch with our gifts and encourages us to share them with others. It promotes altruism and generosity, that is to say, the impulses of the heart directed towards the outside, the community.

Keywords: emotional protection, skills, altruism
Chakras: root, heart
Purification and recharging: water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Taurus, Capricorn


Stone of strength and protection. Evokes the quest for a meaningful existence. promotes integrity and virtuous conduct.  

It connects its wearer to their sensations and emotions. It dispels doubts, brings lasting happiness. gives stability to marriage and partnership, attracts friends and luck. It increases the will and strengthens the character, increases vigor, robustness and coolness. Lifts depression and overcomes hesitation and improves perception and processing of information. It also acts on the vertebral system which it strengthens from the lower back.  

Keywords: strength, luck, vigor

Chakras: sacral and root

Purification and recharging: water, clusters of quartz, sun.

Zodiac: Leo


A stone with a very high vibration, scolecite brings a lot of calm and inner peace. It dispels stress, sadness, fear and anxiety. It is a highly valued life path stone that facilitates forgiveness by removing the need to cling to a grudge-laden past. The quest for true values finally takes on its full meaning.

Keywords: calm, peace, forgiveness
Chakras: 3rd eye, coronal
Purification and recharging: water, cluster of quartz or selenite, moon
Zodiac: Capricorn


Selenite is a form of gypsum. Very friable, it must be handled with care. It is a very soft stone that provides a feeling of well-being, which soothes and relaxes the mind. It also promotes concentration, lucidity and the meditation process by activating the upper chakras. Placed in a room, it also protects against electromagnetic waves from computers and other electronic devices. It can be used to amplify the energy of other stones, especially in healing wands.

Keywords: softness, protection against waves, amplification
Chakras: 3rd eye, crown
Purification and recharging: purification not necessary, lots of sun
Zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius


Shattuckite is a  blue stone  big  spirituality  which allows to raise the energies and to amplify the power of the thought. It is recommended to all those who work in the metaphysical fields, in channeling, astrology , tarot,  clairvoyance  etc because it facilitates extra-sensory communication and makes it possible to interpret the messages and symbols received by the medium. That beautiful  blue stone  is very useful for those who practice automatic writing, as well as those who wish to improve their abilities  psychic  and develop their telepathic ability. Shattuckite is a stone of  throat chakra  effectively used to cleanse and heal suffering due to  past lives .

Keywords: spirituality, personal gifts, healing

Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

Purification and recharging: water, fumigation, Sun

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Pisces


Real shield and the most powerful of natural stones to neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves, its properties which surpass those of other similar stones, such as black tourmaline! Indispensable for electrosensitive people, shungite has been known for several centuries in Russia for its so-called "miraculous" and anti-infective properties, following the numerous cures resulting from its use. Applying the stone to a painful spot would be enough to gradually make the pain go away. Shungite neutralizes the most present pollution and one of the most insidious: electromagnetic waves (Wifi, electricity meters & lines, computers, tablets, mobile phones, cordless phones, all household appliances and all equipment using a source of electric current ). It considerably stimulates the base chakra (the 1st), the one that connects us to the energy of the Earth, which anchors us to matter, to daily reality. Through this, our vital energy is greatly amplified, which allows us to be more resistant on many points. Ideal for people who spend long hours in transport, those convalescing after an illness and who need to regain vital momentum. It densifies our energy bodies and makes us much less permeable to negativity and electromagnetic waves. Shungite would have the ability to correct our energy bodies as they are in the presence of one of these modern pollutions. Its radius of action varies according to its size, its energy radiation varies from 2 to 16 meters. This makes it possible to define the size according to the place to be protected. Know that it is not necessary to clean the shungite, because it has the great advantage of never being charged with negative energy.

Keywords: protection, grounding, purification

Chakras: all

Purification and recharging: not necessary

Zodiac: all



Sodalite is very similar to lapis lazuli, both in appearance and in its properties. However, she acts more discreetly than the latter. It enhances mental abilities. When veined with white, it brings even more light to the spirit. It is a stone of calm and serenity, which neutralizes tendencies to anxiety. It is well suited to the hypersensitive, as well as to the boastful (by reassuring them of their value, it encourages them to be more modest).

Keywords: intuition, calm, insight
Chakras: 3rd eye
Purification and recharging: water, quartz clusters, sun in moderation, lots of moonlight
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo


Positive stone, of very yang energy, which perfectly reflects the qualities of sunlight: warmth, strength, benevolence, openness, blessings given for everyone and for everything. By opening the second and third chakras, promotes action and creation and encourages leadership. At the sexual level, it is invigorating for both men and women.

Keywords: strength, power, yang (masculine energy)
Chakras: sacral, plexus
Purification and recharging: salt-free water, clusters of quartz, abundant sun
Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries, Leo


Stichtite is above all a stone with a spiritual vocation promoting the development of our superior subtle bodies. This while freeing our lower chakras from the limiting programs generated by the domination of the ego-mind.
By raising our consciousness, it shows us the events of our life that still affect our behavior, our way of thinking and loving, bringing back the ghosts of the past that we thought had disappeared. But be reassured, it is as a spectator that we make this realization, we are not emotionally affected by it, it is a healing of the inner child that takes place. It is an excellent stone to work on the memories, the guilt of the past of "Mother", when, for example, we come back in a new life with Karmic Traumas like difficult pregnancies, miscarriages, loss of a child…

Keywords: spirituality, healing, consciousness

Chakras: Heart

Purification and recharging: water, salt, fumigation, earth, Moon

Zodiac: Virgo

Tiger eye

By supporting the first three chakras, this solar stone brings energy and dynamism, strength and courage. It strengthens the physical body and the will and leads us to action, while allowing us to remain calm and grounded. Tiger's Eye is a beautiful balancing stone that pacifies extremes and promotes discernment in all things. It also plays a protective role against negative energy and transmutes the latter into positive energy.  

Keywords: strength, vitality, will, balance
Chakras: Root, Sacral, Plexus
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Gemini, Leo, Virgo

Tourmaline (black)

It is the stone of protection par excellence, which protects as much from the negative energies released by people around us as from the harmful waves emitted by the computer, television, mobile phones or any other electrical device, which it neutralizes. Placed at the base chakra or under the soles of the feet, it allows you to stay anchored during meditation work and promotes the return of consciousness to physical reality.

Keywords: protection, anchoring
Chakras: base.
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, solar and lunar light.
Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer


Tourmaline (pink)

Useful for healing amorous wounds, pink tourmaline also opens us up to divine Love. Its gentle energy soothes the heart and brings a sense of comfort and security. Excellent stone for children.

Keywords: heart healing, love
Chakras: heart.
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries, Taurus


Tourmaline (green)

Green tourmaline is an excellent stone for promoting healing and helping to refocus. It harmonizes the electromagnetic field of the heart with that of the Earth and thus puts us in direct contact with the nourishing energy of the latter. While the action of pink tourmaline is felt on the emotions, green tourmaline works on its side on well-being and vitality. It is a highly beneficial stone.

Keywords: healing, strength and vitality, wholeness
Chakras: heart.
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Libra, Pisces, Capricorn


Thulite is a stone of love and passion. It helps to evacuate negative thoughts, anxieties, sadness and provides a radiant aura to its wearer. In today's society, stress is an important aging factor for the body. The pink stone has a powerful anti-stress and soothing effect and helps to better manage one's emotions. Associated with the heart chakra, the mineral comforts and helps to overcome romantic disappointments and emotional wounds. It is also a good stone for people with arrogant or conceited tendencies as it symbolizes modesty and humility which balances moods perfectly. On a more spiritual level, the pink mineral helps to achieve a high level of concentration and encourages curiosity. It allows you to ask yourself the right questions in order to reconnect with your inner being.

Keywords: passion, appeasement, humility

Chakras: Heart

Purification and recharging: water, fumigation, earth, Moon, Sun

Zodiac: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn



Sacred stone of all times around the world: in Egypt, Persia, Tibet, India, among the Mayas, the Aztecs and the Incas. Turquoise is a highly positive stone that protects against bad luck and negative energies emitted by those around you. It is also a stone of communication that helps expression and promotes listening to others. It accentuates the feeling of reciprocal affection, promoting friendship. It brings a feeling of well-being and serenity. However, it is increasingly difficult to obtain real turquoise. What we find on the market is more often than not dyed howlite, unfortunately.

Keywords: communication, wholeness, protection
Chakras: throat
Purification and recharging: water, no salt, clusters of quartz, little sun.
Zodiac: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Gemini


Vesuvianite (Idocrase)

Connects to the higher self and the information it offers to the embodied soul. On a psychological level, releases feelings of imprisonment and shackling. Useful for healing past life experiences: confinement, extreme danger, mental or emotional hindrance. Gently dispels anger and lessens fear, engendering inner security. Through its powerful mental connections, idocrase opens the mind and eliminates negative thought patterns, so that it is more penetrating. Stimulates inventiveness and the need to discover, linking them to creativity.

Keywords: healing, security, creativity
Chakras: all
Purification and recharging: water, clusters of quartz, lots of sun.
Zodiac: Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius


Zoisite (with ruby)

Zoïzite ruby represents another beautiful natural synergy: the energy of growth and fertility diffused by zoïzite is combined with the strength and passion provided by ruby, thereby strengthening the vital energy of the body. Stone of vitality, gaiety and abundance that promotes full development by harmonizing the root chakra with the heart chakra. The zoizite ruby can also be used to support healing processes and promote rebirth.

Keywords: vitality, joy of living, fulfillment
Chakras: root, heart
Purification and recharging: salt water, clusters of quartz, sun.
Zodiac: Libra, Taurus


* Reference :

  • The Crystal Bible Volume 1,2 & 3 by Judy Hall

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