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The creator

Hello beautiful human!


I am Mélanie, the founder and creator of magic behind La Main bleue!

Every creation you see on my site is handcrafted by myself :)


I am an auxiliary nurse by profession, Reïki practitioner and lithotherapist. I offer you the possibility of having the Reiki symbols in each of my creations so that this energy accompanies you daily. Human evolution, crystals and creative processes have been a great passion for me since I was young.


La Main bleue is a celebration of the uniqueness of each and everyone and of the energy of universal creation. Through the channeling of high luminous energies, my mission is to share my divine light through my creations for the well-being of humanity.


Wishing that all this resonates with you.


Thank you for being there, it is thanks to you and your support that I can now make a living from my creations and work full time as an artist and entrepreneur!

Mélanie la main bleue  ✨✨✨



As many people ask me, please know that my shop is strictly online. I don't have a physical store, so it's not possible to "shop" in a storefront location. To purchase my precious items please go to my boutique page at the following link: (or simply click on "Shop" from the menu). 



To know a bit about how I work, know that I usually do a restock of new creations (handmade by myself :) and/or various esoteric items about once a month on my online store and crystal flash sales (crystals only) at reduced prices once or twice a month. At any time you will find the date of the next event listed on the strip at the top of the home page of my website or in my Instagram bio. I strongly invite you to subscribe to my News letter on my Contact page in order to stay on the lookout for announcements and news!



As my shop includes a wide choice of items, to better see my personal handmade creations you can use the filters on the shop page to isolate these items under "La Main bleue creations - all" or even specifically the creations unique under "La Main bleue - unique creations".

When you see that an article has the mention of "unique creation", it means that only one is available and that once sold it will never come back in stock! Why? I hate repetition and my goal with La Main Bleue is above all to honor my creativity and keep this wonderful creative flow flowing. Making jewelry "on the chain" never interested me, simply because it does not nourish me internally and creatively!
The beauty in it all; when you purchase a La Main bleue creation with the mention “Unique creation”, you will be the one and only person to have it. NO ONE will ever have the same creation as you!
It's a way for me to give a nice nod to the unique person that you are in all your entirety and to honor your color! 

Lesson; if you have a crush on one of the unique models still available, do not hesitate to buy it. Because once sold you will never see it again! 


Did you know that most of my crystals come from suppliers with an environmental ethic and a fair relationship with their employees?

Eh yes! Despite the daunting task, all the research time and the higher costs it entails, it was important to me to honor mother earth and ensure as much as possible that my crystals were not misharvested. and destructive, only minors where children are exploited and underpaid.

In all transparency, however, know that it is very difficult in this area to have strictly only ethical crystals, so I would never pretend to say that 100% of my crystals are, but as much as possible I m ensure that my valuables do not come from large industrial mines that are destructive to the environment. How do I know? I do my research, I ask questions, I find out about the working methods and conditions of each supplier I meet and more than anything; I encourage and maintain trusting and long-standing relationships with honest suppliers who share the same values as me! I am therefore proud to say that the majority of these are small families of local producers and around the world who do everything by hand while being aware of their ecological footprint and who value the work of their (adult) employees in their providing good working conditions and fair pay.

Hoping that my every effort for the welfare of humanity is appreciated by you, my beautiful community!


Reiki symbols are nothing physical. Reiki is a Japanese approach to energy healing aimed at bringing universal energy into contact with your own vital force in order to awaken a dynamic healing process. During this type of care, by means of a visualization, I use various energy symbols in order to initiate certain healing processes. Being a Reiki practitioner, these same symbols that I use during the treatments can be visualized and energetically integrated into the stones of your jewelry or any crystals, like a kind of energy armadillo, so that the Reiki energy accompanies you. daily.

Specifically, I use these two symbols for everyone; the Cho Ku Rei and the Dai Ko Myo. These come together and work as a team, so there's no point in telling me just one of them or a customization like "abundance" because it won't be followed. Simply answering "yes" or "no" in the box reserved for this purpose is sufficient.

The Cho Ku Rei is a symbol of fire and strength that energizes and revitalizes all it targets, activating and grounding life energy. While the Dai Ko Myo, powerful and gentle at the same time, is the perfect companion for the being in search of truth, unconditional love and light. Know that you can cleanse, purify and program your jewel with your own intentions without the Reiki symbols disappearing! 

Also, as this healing journey must come from you in a conscious and voluntary way, I cannot put the Reiki symbols in your creation without your agreement, which is why I ask the question in each of my product sheets including one or more semi-precious stones. So if you tell me you want them, assume it's been done. Of course, you will not see them with the naked eye but you will be able to perceive a physical and mental energy change over the days, however subtle it may be (the results are different from person to person).


Please note that I do not offer the custom creation service . 

 Flash sale de cristaux à prix réduits ce jeudi 18 avril à 19h et j'ai pleins de nouveautés pour toi ! 

Crystal flash sale this upcoming Thursday april 18 at 7PM and I have so many new precious stone for you !

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