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Ambiance elixir - Purifying mist 100ml

Ambiance elixir - Purifying mist 100ml


Sanitizes and purifies the air while providing calm, zenitude and protection against negative energies.

The water has rested in the sun for 48 hours with a tiger's eye, which forms the elixir charged with its protective properties to then be combined with a synergy of purifying and relaxing essential oils.



To spray in every room of the house, your clothes, your sheets, massage table, etc. Same air and energy purification effect as when you burn sage or palo santo, minus the smoke! To use without moderation!



Demineralized water, tiger's eye, essential oils of sage, lavender and bergamot.

  • Winter orders

    Please note that during winter  this product  risk of frost damage  if you choose delivery without signature and your package is left at your doorstep. I therefore strongly advise you to take  delivery with signature so that your package is brought warm to the post office in your neighborhood in case of absence.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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