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Moon water & crystal elixir

"Water charged with lunar energy and / or semi-precious stones providing multiple uses and therapeutic benefits"


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✧ What is moon water ✧

Moon water is imbued with lunar energy and has cleansing, regenerating and soothing powers. You can drink it, mix it with food, use it for care, put it in your bath, etc.

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the lunar rays are picked up by the water molecules. They remain trapped in the liquid while keeping their physical and above all energetic properties.

Each phase of the moon can be conducive to moon water as each phase can be related to different properties. Full moon water will have different magical properties than moon water made during a new moon or a quarter moon.

✧ The different phases of the Moon and their symbolisms ✧

New Moon: divination, renewal, creation of new intention, deep self.

First crescent: attraction, luck, friendship, success, wealth.

First quarter: creativity, divination, motivation, strength / will, concentration.

Growing gibberish: health, attraction, success, motivation.

Full Moon: healing, purification, growth, love, balance, letting go.

Descending gibberish: abandonment, banishment, purification, undo, conjure.

Last quarter: breaking a habit, banishment, abandonment, breaking.

Waning Crescent: Balance, Success, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Healing.

Of course, Moon water can also be embellished with semi-precious stones that will be deposited in the water in order to increase or channel the effects of a particular intention. To learn more, read the section on crystal essences below.


✧ How to make Moon water ✧

With my bottles of Moon water, two options are available to you:

- put water in the carafe and add the stones with the virtues and intentions of your choice and expose it to the rays of the Moon in order to create an elixir by direct infusion.

- add only water and benefit from the virtues of the stones which are already on the bottle by creating an elixir by indirect infusion.


✧ What is a crystal elixir? ✧

More soon....

Be careful, however, to read well on the subject before anything else, because several stones can be toxic due to the presence of certain metals in this one and therefore they cannot be put directly in water to be consumed thereafter.



✧ General maintenance of La Main Bleue's Moon water bottles ✧

To clean the inside of the bottle, please do it by hand with a bottle brush like this: EXAMPLE . It is important not to soak the entire bottle or put it in the dishwasher as this can seriously damage stones and paint. If you want to wash the exterior please do it by hand with a damp cloth. Never wash, soak or purify the handmade stone plug in water. Since the solder is made of zinc, it may tarnish over time. To purify the cork, use sage, palo santo or a plate of selenite instead.

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