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Agni Manitite (Divine Fire Pearl) | Very Rare Tektite

Agni Manitite (Divine Fire Pearl) | Very Rare Tektite

PriceFrom C$9.60

✧ the stone will be chosen randomly and intuitively by me, for you!

✧ the stones shown in the photo are only an example, as each stone is unique, the shape and color (from less smoky/clearer to very smoky/less clear) of the one you will have could be slightly different.

✧ the price is for one stone.

✧ price per gram (in the photo you have an example of 19g/left, 32g/middle, 40g/right)


⚭ Need a tool to purify and charge your new precious?

CLICK HERE  to consult the "Incense & purification" section


Choose the option to have the Reiki symbols energetically inserted into your stone at no additional cost! 

✧ To read more about Reiki symbols isHERE

✧ To read about the virtues of stones it isHERE


I take great care of my crystals as they all hold energy, albeit inanimate. When I receive them, they are purified from the Palo santo and energized with the moon or the sun! Also, if you wish, I can add Reiki symbols and energy to optimize your energy healing. You only have to select this option before placing in the basket.


     Flash sale de cristaux à prix réduits ce jeudi 18 avril à 19h et j'ai pleins de nouveautés pour toi ! 

    Crystal flash sale this upcoming Thursday april 18 at 7PM and I have so many new precious stone for you !

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